A Return to Vinyl

Sound quality. Artwork. Nostalgia. If you ask a vinyl record collector why, in the time of iPods, they still buy the format, they will give you one of many answers. One thing that remains true is that, no matter the reason, the medium has seen an increase in popularity over the past few years.

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Making Albums Green

Brooklyn Phono, one of three record manufacturers in New York City, recently made their first large batch of albums entirely out of recycled material. Owner Thomas Bernich said this might be the future of vinyl pressing.

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Store Owners Talk

Two record store owners – Shawn Schwartz of Halcyon and Doug Pressman of The Record Grouch – talk about the state of vinyl sales.

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Fans On Collecting

Four vinyl fans discuss the history of their collections, how they got started with the medium, and why they like records compared to other media.

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Who Collects Vinyl?

The medium has been making a comeback for the past few years, but the question remains as to who is buying it – whether it is an older generation looking to return to their past or younger listeners who rediscovered an old sort of music. As it turns out, it’s a little of both.

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Where to Shop

If all this talk of record collection made you want to do some shopping, here is a comprehensive list of stores in New York City.

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